The Food Aid Alliance West Northamptonshire (FAAWN) is a network of charitable organisations that provide emergency provision to people in poverty.

Support FAAWN

If you are here to support a Food Aid Alliance charity in West Northants, the best approach is to make a direct approach to that charity (see list below) as we are unable to accept donations holistically at this time, but it is something that is being worked on! 

Food, household essentials, and, in some cases, toys and clothes are gratefully received all year round. Many organisations have seasonal appeals alongside the standard offer, with gifts, treats and meals provided at special times of year. 

Financial donations are a massive help to each charity which has to also secure overhead costs. All FAAWN members rely heavily on amazing volunteers, which reduce costs and involve the community. If you want to get involved, approach a local charity to offer support.

What is FAAWN

The charities and groups that are represented have a range of approaches to food aid provision including food banks, pantries/community fridges, food-waste-reduction schemes and food clubs. Although there are different models of delivery, there is a common purpose of intending to provide for those in financial hardship, and help them move towards greater financial stability. 

Alongside food aid, many of the organisations provide additional support including life skills such as cooking or growing fruit/veg, budgeting or debt management, mental health & wellbeing support and advice/advocacy services to support with a wide range of socio-economic problems. 

FAAWN was established with the focus to bring together all food aid providers to work collaboratively, share good practice and training opportunities, share surplus resources and support with deficit and funding. The group meet together quarterly, and a governed by a Memorandum of Understanding which was agreed by FAAWN members March 2023. This includes the process of appointing the FAAWN board and admission to the FAAWN.